Ambient Media Solutions NFC Demonstration

Ambient Media Solutions introduces NFC technology to washroom advertising in Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports NFC capability on all A3 panels throughout airport washrooms NFC allows for a previously static medium to become interactive What is NFC NFC stands for Near Field Communication; it is a channel where information and data can be pushed to…

Engagement Video – LIANDRA & BRUNO

I shot this video in Dublin, Ireland. A lot of positive nerve throughout the whole day as we all expected quite a reaction, and it did! A beautiful video full of hope and realism. Bruno Rosa is the #1 Wedding Photographer in Ireland and has a lot of Fearless & ISPWP Awards! You can search…

Perseid Nightlapse Howth Summit

We took to a trip to Howth Summit in Dublin two nights ago to see if we could spot any shooting stars in the middle of the Perseid season. Here’s a nightlapse of what appeared in front of us over those magical two hours. As the summit is very close to the flight path into…

Bewleys Hotel Dublin Airport Bewleys Hotels commissioned I Direct Productions to produce suite of films for each of their properties. Bewleys Hotel Dublin Airport is a great value and very comfortable convenient stop over going into or going out of Dublin Airport.

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